Politicas de Privacidad Red de Portales

Red de Portales's Philosophy

Red de Portales is a network based on the spirit of integration and effective cooperation that offers to the user information free of invasive advertising , malware , spyware, spam, etc.. and also care about sites content in order to assure no sensitive content (sex , violence , etc) is include in the Red de Portales network
Red de portales Network want to warranty free contents exchange between its members in order to be offer to users and others sites webmasters.  Using simple tools developed for Red de Portales , each site member can offer free dynamic information resources for webmasters .

Keep tou PC free of malware

Red de Portales editors care about each page and each site of the network keeps free of invasive advertising , spam , and malware .

To keep your PC free of malware we recommed install firewall and licenced antimalware software.

Help Red de Portales

If you have problems with any site in our network , plese send us abuse report

If you want to send us press notes please do it here abuse report

Red de Portales Logo

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Red de Portales - Logo

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